I am convinced

Get Involved – Storm Clouds Gathering

The thoughts are immaculately aligned with my perceptions. I’d been having these exact notions and ideas for so long, and this initiative has effectively expressed them with utmost eloquence and precision. I am convinced that the message requires to be disseminated as quickly and as rapidly as possible.


Extermination: An unfinished story

02:30 AM

Gen. Radkrik has sent out the orders to the tactical operations bases. The orders are clear. ‘Operation Clean Slate’ would commence at 0400 with the underlying objective of exterminating roughly forty eight percent of the country’s population within an estimated period of 36 hours. Considering the existing population of around 170 million, it can be easily assumed that around 82 million individuals would be wiped out as a direct result of his orders. The general’s orders of exemption have been clearly stated, zonal boundaries of extermination areas meticulously demarcated, all probable contingencies evaluated and the council of commanding officers responded with the highest degrees of professionalism to proceed with the requisite military precision.

‘The approaching hours must be boring’, the general thought.

The communications module on his desk suddenly came to life with a noise that shattered the serenity of the office.

‘Gen. Radkrik speaking’ his voice completely impassive.

‘Sir, this is Lt. Col. Kryzer, commanding officer at the Chemical Research Unit, Division 4.”

Yes, Kryzer, what is this about?

We are having a situation here, Sir. There is a massive surge of civilian uprising around our compounds. We have contacted the nearest law enforcement agencies, but they have refused to intervene owing to the military HQ’s clear directives to refrain from engagement of any kind between 0100 and 0600 hours.

That is correct. These are precisely my orders, and any exception must come directly from this office.

But the situation is getting out of control, Sir. Civilians are trying to breach into our premises, I have received reports that there is an escalating sense of dissent among the local community, anticipating some kind of a drastic military measure to be imminent; resulting in widespread unrest and chaos. We need your instructions, Sir.

What kind of regular troops and weapons does your facility have, Kryzer?

This establishment is purely a research unit, Sir, we hardly have any conventional methods to appease any crowd.

Well, no one actually asked you to appease anything, if they attempt to breach. I suppose you do have machine gun outposts at the entrance, don’t you?

We do, Sir, but the gathering is getting denser, and sporadic machine gun shots might only provoke a wider audience.

Now then, who ever told you to fire ‘sporadic rounds’? Tell your men to aim for the densest portions of the gathering and unleash everything they have.

Sir, that’s tantamount to indiscriminate manslaughter! It is way beyond my authority as a military attaché to issue such an order!

Well, “desperate times, desperate measures” Kryzer. You will receive my authorization for the orders in due time. But for the time being, you’ll have to manage the situation there. A critical military operation is indeed underway, and CRU is an integral part of it. My troops will take control of your facility within 0430 and 0500. All you need to do till then is to avoid a breach into the premises. The directive is clear, no matter what the number of casualties, the facility “MUST”, and I repeat “MUST” remain under military command. Is that understood?

‘Crystal, but Sir there is a probability of dissent among the ground personnel. Regular soldiers might disobey the directives if a heavy casualty is imminent. There might even arise chances of insubordination or even mutiny to overthrow my command. How do I respond to a situation like that?

‘Well, Kryzer, that is one question I seriously don’t have an answer for. Just make sure that such a contingency never arises.

In that case, Sir, given the chances of such a scenario evolving, I request immediate airborne troops to be dispatched at my location. As honestly from the ground, Sir, it appears quite hairy.

Can’t truly help you there either, Kryzer. All the airborne units are already engaged with operational priorities. It is imperative that you act prudently and hold the premises until the 44th infantry convoy reaches. Col. Xagji, as it appears on my screen, will relieve you of your duties with the central command directives. So although I’m enjoying this bit of an unfortunate chit-chat with you, this conversation is actually over. Just remember that whatever you need to do – will be deemed completely legitimate with immunity from any legal repercussions under the Marshall Law Proclamation Section 4, sub-section 6(B). Translated in plain words, you’ll never have to answer to a soul about the number of casualties that might occur as a result of your commands today. I urge you to take full advantage of that. And finally, do not disappoint me Kryzner. You know very well as a high ranking officer how much I hate deviations from my military plans.

I do, Sir. No further questions.

Good luck Kryzner!